Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I Like About the Captain D's That Got My Order All Wrong

Spare me the lectures regarding the health and/or quality of the food. I was hungry. They were there. Demand meets Supply.
I ordered a very uncomplicated three piece fish dinner and large diet coke. The order I was given was country style fish with green beans substituted for the usual sides.
When I pointed out the error, the crew member quickly apologized, took the wrong order back, located my fish dinner, apologized again and laughed at her own foolishness.
Just before she handed me the wrong order she sweetly asked me to call the survey number on my receipt to report my customer satisfaction and even said, "We'd really like it if you could give us all 5's." I assume that 5 must be excellent. You know what? I'm thinking about calling and giving her all 5's wrong order and all. How often is a wrong order such a pleasant experience?