Thursday, February 4, 2010

Convos that Make Me Smile

Dave: This soup doesn't seem right. I followed the directions. You know you don't add water anymore?
Me: (picks up can) Honey it is well past time, you so need glasses!
D: What? I followed the directions! (Takes can and holds it out while trying to read the label)
M: (pointing)It says right there "soup + 1 can water"
D: Well, there's another one of your old man stories!

M: You DO love me! (Throwing arms around Dave)
D: (continuing his cleaning) who says I don't?
M: You know, that depressing voice in my head.
D: Wha? That's still talking? I thought I shut that thing up years ago!

MA [little girl in Jack's class]: What's your name?
M: Marie
MA: Marie, I wanted to play at Jack a-doo's [Jack's school nickname] house!
M: Oh?
MA: Does Jack a-doo have a sister?
M: No, sorry, there's no little girls at our house.
MA: Well, I'm gonna need your phone number.
M: (with broad smile) Should I write it down for you?
MA: Yes you better so my mom can call you.

M: Honey why [insert complaint about some silly thing Dave did that makes no sense but irritates me]
D: Hahahah, another silly old man story!

D: Bye, Jack, have a good day at school.
Jack: Hug!
D: Aw (hugs Jack) hug! I love you!
J: I love you!
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Tony M said...

"Convo"? Quit making up words! :)

(smiling at the conversations)

Marie said...

It's my blog and I can make up words if I want to, make up words if I want to.....

Rachel said...

Tee hee! Love it! If your hubby really does learn how to shut up depressing voices in the head, please send him this way! :)