Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I Like About the Captain D's That Got My Order All Wrong

Spare me the lectures regarding the health and/or quality of the food. I was hungry. They were there. Demand meets Supply.
I ordered a very uncomplicated three piece fish dinner and large diet coke. The order I was given was country style fish with green beans substituted for the usual sides.
When I pointed out the error, the crew member quickly apologized, took the wrong order back, located my fish dinner, apologized again and laughed at her own foolishness.
Just before she handed me the wrong order she sweetly asked me to call the survey number on my receipt to report my customer satisfaction and even said, "We'd really like it if you could give us all 5's." I assume that 5 must be excellent. You know what? I'm thinking about calling and giving her all 5's wrong order and all. How often is a wrong order such a pleasant experience?


Rachel said...

LOL - it's kind of funny that she still had the guts to ask for all 5's...

One time when we bought a car, we had this horrifically awful salesman, and he pushed and pushed us to give all fives, and then even COACHED US THROUGH repeating after him. You better believe he got NO fives, and I told the surveyer what he did.

Next time we bought a car, he wasn't there. My fault? I seriously doubt it.

Jennifer said...

My name's Jennifer and I work in the Marketing Department for Captain D's. Thanks for taking the time to talk about your experience. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you and we'd like to have the opportunity to make it right! Please contact us at so we can get the info to enable us to resolve the issue. Thanks again!

Marie said...

Thanks for contacting me Jennifer but really your crew member already made things right.

Here's what I left on the website as a comment under general praise: I wished I'd kept the receipt so that I could give the exact store number. I blogged about my experience at Jennifer from your marketing department left a comment and asked me to contact you through this website. The sweet crew member at the drive thru did get my order completely wrong but she was so very nice and courteous about the whole thing that it was a very pleasant experience. I could tell that she was really trying hard to make things right. That's not something that you see everyday in fast food.
AND I love the way that she was proactive in asking me to do the survey so that I could receive $2 off my next order. I also love the fact that she said that they would like to get all 5s. It wasn't said flippantly as in rate us as a 5 no matter how we treat you. I felt that she was sincerely making an effort to earn those 5s. When she handed me my food, she accidentally picked up the wrong bag. It happens everyday in fast food. But what was different was when I pointed out the error, she handled it with grace and self-deprecating humor and never acted as though she was offended that I actually wanted the food I ordered.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear that the experience was still pleasant for you Marie, thanks for letting us know!