Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's Heaven Like?

Since Nana died, I find myself thinking about heaven more than I ever have. I find myself thinking that all those sayings about someone to watch over you are just silly. I reason that Nana is much too busy being awed by the presence of God to even remember me, to even really think of anything except maybe that she (like everyone else) is unworthy to be in God's presence.

But, today, as I felt yet another pain in my heart at the loss of her I had another thought. God loves us so much more than we can fathom. I know how much I love Jack and I know how much it pains me to see him hurt. God loves me infinitely more than that so then is God pained by my sadness? And if God is saddened wouldn't all of heaven be shaken? Yet we are told there are no tears in heaven. Is that biblical or is it just a hymn? I couldn't find a New Testament reference to tears or crying in heaven on my YouVersion Bible. References anyone?
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Tony M said...

Revelation 21:4 : "He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever."

That's from John's vision of Heaven, which of course is woefully inadequate; the guy had mere WORDS to try to describe EVERLASTING LIFE WITH GOD! He did his best, but was plagued with concepts rooted in this world - stuff, things, ideas - and I fully believe we really have no comprehension of how awesome Heaven is - mainly, not from our perspective of it, but simply from being in the presence of God. Moses got barely a glimpse... and was shining afterward, to the point of frightening the children of Israel. How much more when we can bow before him eternally? (I almost said "stand in His presence"... but who will be standing there?)

Tony M said...

As a side note: "eternal" - what is that? My personal belief is that, when God created the universe and all the physics it contains, He created time. Outside of this universe - that is, once we are "in Heaven" - time does not exist. How do you describe a reality where time does not exist? Virtually impossible when your very existence is rooted in the concept of time, chronological events, start to finish. Outside of time - what is that? How does it look to us mired in the concept and current reality of time? "Eternal" "everlasting" "forever" - mere words, barely conveying such a concept of "outside of time."

Of course, I could be wrong. :)

Tony M said...

Further note: know that you are being prayed for at this very moment.

Mrs. Jennifer said...

I recently read the book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn. He gives scripture reference for everything and is a trustworthy author, I think. It was very insightful. You can use it as a reference book, too, if you don't want to just read it stright through.