Monday, November 16, 2009

Not Me--I'm Not Posting this Late Monday Evening

1. I did not dress Jack and I in our team colors every Friday and Saturday during football season for the past couple of years because I believe it impacts the team.

2. I did not tell my four year old, "Eat this. It's like pie except it's cake."

3.I did not tell everyone that a certified bra specialist snapped her measuring tape around me to prove the tininess of my bra size.

4.I did not post a link to this video as part of my Life is Therapy series because it was so darn cute that I wanted to share.

5.I did not have a Sally Field moment when I was chosen to write a guest post at 5minutes for parenting, as loyal commentor of the week at 5minutes for mom, then had the Life is Therapy series mentioned at 5minutes for mom, and received an Honest Scrap award from Jennifer all in the same week! (Thanks everyone for the mentions and the awards! I am going to do a real post about that.)

Thanks everyone for laughing along. If you want to see some good "Mommy Confessions", head over to Say it Face to Face.


Rachel said...

That really was an awesome week for you! Everywhere I Looked it was Marie, Marie, Marie!!!


carol said...

I did not join Curves and admit that I am middle age! Oh wait I think I did.

jennifer said...

I did not practically beg my husband to go to the Bass Pro Shops and buy me a chocolated/sprinkle dipped marshmallow.

Have a great weekend!

Marie said...

Sorry everyone but I am unable to delete the Viagra poster. Spammers apparently now have a way to prevent you from deleting them. AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH! I do not endorse that comment in any way and would delete if I was able.