Monday, November 9, 2009

Word is Out--I'm an Alabama Blogger

That's right! I was born in Alabama and I live in Alabama and I blog. I. AM. AN. ALABAMA. BLOGGER!!!!!! Want to meet up with me and other bloggers too? November's Meet-up will be at Jason's Deli outside of Brookwood Mall at 11:30 on Friday, November 13th (You can remember Friday the 13th, right?). If 11:30 is too early, just come when you can - some people end up staying at lunch for about 2 hours.The hashtag for this meet-up and all future Alabama Bloggers meet-ups (to make it simple) is #AlaBlogMeet.Please help spread the word by re-tweeting and posting on your blogs! Also please RSVP at the Alabama Bloggers post so that tables can be reserved. I'm planning on being there for my lunch hour! Hope to see you there!


Brook said...

It sounds like so much fun!!! I hope you have a wonderful time of fellowship. :)

For His glory,

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Oh how cool! You are very lucky to be able to meet other bloggers. It sounds like a blast!


Rachel said...

I LOVE having you as an Alabama Blogger!!!

Twincerely,Olga said...

If I was in Alabama I sure would! I just wanted to thank you for your kind words on my blog!! Stop by often!

Summer, but I do go by "Mommy" said...

It was wonderful to meet you today! I guess I. AM. AN. ALABAMA. BLOGGER. TOO. lol!