Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Me! I'm Not Shamelessly Pluggin' Life is Therapy

I did not enjoy last week's Not Me writing last week so much that I did not decide to do it again this week.

1. I did not shamelessly post a link to my Life is Therapy series everywhere I could possibly think of because I believe that everyone could benefit from it.

2.I did not allow my child with developmental delays to climb the neighbor's back fence and nearly drop into their yard because I was so excited to see him try and wanted to see how far he could go. ('cause you know Life is Therapy)

3. I did not allow my child to nearly climb over into my neighbor's backyard (using Life as Therapy)also because I wanted to get a good look at what they did to it since the old neighbors moved out.

4. I did not gain 3.5 pounds eating leftover Halloween candy. (It was not more like five pounds.) [Unwrapping ALL those wrappers could be therapy.]

5. I did not back right into an oncoming car because I was so focused on avoiding the tow truck parked at least a car length (maybe two) behind me. (An example of NOT Life is Therapy)

6. I did not publicly admit to possibly having a blogging problem. (Possibly a problem that might benefit others.)

7. I did not try to read Phillipians on my Palm Treo everytime I stopped at a stop light because our pastor encouraged us to read it everyday one week.

8. I did not put my camera on a step stool with a children's bible, my bible, a box of crackers and another book on top to get it to the right height for shooting a video for my new series Life is Therapy

only to remember after I finished that I had a perfectly good tripod sitting in the closet.

9. I did not feed my preschooler the following lunch--dry cereal (for grains), a Kashi fruit and grain bar (for the fruit, grains, and protein), and a bag of those freeze dried fruits for toddlers(more fruit)--one busy day when we were running around and I figured it was healthier than anything we might pick up.

10. I did not get excited that our house guest would not be arriving for a little more than another 24 hours because it meant I could clean later and blog now.

Seriously, please take a moment and check out my new series Life is Therapy . Perhaps you could link up and share a story of how you help your child to grow and develop in the course of normal day to day living.


Mommapeas said...

Those tiny candy wrappers were small, puzzle-like reminders that I should not be consuming my 35th mini-Heath bar. But I ignored their warning.

Tony M said...

I did not notice your opening line's redundancy in your opening line. :)

Marie said...

Mommapeas--your comment saved me from nightly candy raid but did nothing for my pizza roll craving. :)
Tony M--I only wish I knew someone whose mother was an English teacher who might be able to point out redundancy in my writing. :)

Rachel said...

LOL! Love it! And I kinda get the idea that you've got a new column out? Something about therapy or something? :)

Can I link in an old post? I think I shall...after all, if you're that plugging away at it, surely you won't be too much of a stickler for rules!

Marie said...

Oh Rachel, thanks for mentioning it. I think I may have forgotten to tell y'all that I'm starting a new series, Life is Theray. You can read about it at

jennifer said...

My blogging addiction is not so bad that I checked my statcounter and found a blog that linked to my post about blogging addiction.

I'm not sure I did that right :)

Shamelessly plug away - this was a cool post!

scrappysue said...

great NMM! i started a similar post and didn't finish it - maybe i could add that to the list!

thanks for stopping by

Marie said...

LOL, Jennifer, you did it just right. :)
Scrappysue--go ahead and do one. It's Monday again. :)