Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 5 of 30 Day Shred

5 Days in. My endurance is definitely improved and my muscles have that good soreness of change taking place. My legs feel so heavy when doing those jacks during the first cycle. I'm not always able to do that whole portion of jacks. I don't just stop though. I do the modified jack where you still make big concentrated arm movements and you kind of lunge from one leg to the other in a side lunge. Believe me I can still feel it and I am breathing HEAVY.
I'm having a bit of a problem with what I believe must be orthostatic hypotension. I just about black out if I try to just hop up from the lying exercises to the standing. I just sit up pause, get on my knees pause, and then come to standing sort of slowly. I am able to do all this quickly enough so that I manage to be in position in time for the exercise to start. (I do it while Jillian is talking). I'm not missing out on any of the exercise so that's awesome. It's just a little troubling because sometimes I forget and go to hop up and the world goes black.
I'm already seeing body changes but I'm at that stage that always comes first with me when I jump back on the fitness wagon. My muscles feel tight. I can tell that my arms are tighter. My sweater this morning feels so good in the upper arm area where I've become quite flabby. But I have a little problem. Maybe it's just a mental thing. I feel tighter. My clothes feel good. BUT when I look in the mirror, I see flab oh lots and lots of flab that seems to be just hanging. It like the muscles tightened up but the fat cannot be tightened so it's hanging out. Hope Jillian helps me blast off this fat.
I know. I know. I need to look at what I'm eating too. A whole body needs a whole approach for change. Give me time. I'm getting there.

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I find this very encouraging!