Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 6 of The Shred--No Shame

This shredding is really going well. I feel tightening of my muscles all over. I'm NOT incredibly sore but then again I am used to having a lot of muscle tension and headacs so I take Advil on a fairly regular basis. I am really enjoying this.
My endurance is definitely improved over day 1 but the fact is, right now, I continue to struggle with doing all the jacks without modifying them some what. I'm not going to be ashamed about it. I am not "phoning it in". I am quite literally workin' my bootie off!
I am feeling much better today after Samantha and Dr. Turnley reminded just how important it is to drink plenty of water and remain hydrated.
I am pumped that I have managed to find the time to workout 6 days in a row!!!

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