Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mommy Shoes and other fashion advice needed

I am one of "those mommies". You will find me in the tubes at McDonald's, Burger King, Chik Fil A, Chuck E Cheese, and anywhere else my kiddo wants to go play. I'm the mommy coming down the slide with my kiddo screaming "Wheeeeeeeeee!" so the kiddo will laugh and not be scared of the speed or height. I'm the mommy that stays on the playground in the rain because there's no thunder or lightning. I'm my son's biggest playmate. I do encourage independence and he's sharpening his social skills every day but I truly enjoy playing with him and any friends we happen to meet.
So needless to say, I am not one of the mommies running around in dresses or skirts wearing high heels. I keep thinking I'll spruce myself up a bit, though. You can still be fashionable AND an active play partner, right?
So, tell me, what do you wear all you other active mamas?
PS My feet are killing me from wearing my old "tennies" hence the shoe part of the title.


Tracy said...

I am there with you...I wear jeans or capris and flip flops mostly. I do have some Merrells that are super comfy and somewhat fashionable. They look like Mary Janes. It's a step in another direction at least. If I could just get mt hair out of this blasted ponytail more often...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tracy on the shoes. Merrill's are extra comfy and they LAST so do Keen's. We live in a small town where jeans are the norm if you dress up around here they think you are going to a funeral or church. I think there isn't anything wrong with comfortable clothes. I would rather be comfy and enjoy the moment with the kiddos then tell them I can't do it cuz I am in a dress or know? The again, I guess my look has become more like the soccer mom look. You know, a nike athletic shirt pair with a pair of nike capris..sun glasses so I don't have to put mascara on...; )