Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ouch! I just got smacked by the economy.

That was my tweet yesterday. The reason? The small little company I work for is being indirectly affected by the layoffs happening in other industries. Fortunately, we (the employees) are all rather busy so there's enough work for all of us to continue our employment. Unfortunately, the smaller the company the easier it is for cash flow to become a problem. Reserves must be maintained to keep the company afloat while waiting for payment to come in from those to whom we provide service. Since there's enough work, noone's salary is going to be taken to make up the reserves. I don't really know what options there are and how these decisions get made but, for now, our little company is no longer contributing to our retirement plans and no longer paying a portion of our group health insurance. Take a moment and surf on over to my other blog at www.allaccesspasstojack.blogspot.com and it won't take you long to realize why I'm grateful that they've chosen to continue to offer group health insurance even if they won't pay any portion of the premium any longer. Still today's announcement knocked the wind out of my sails.

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