Monday, October 19, 2009

DVD player in the bathroom take 2

I tried again! I know there's poo in that tummy. He had another leaky pee, he was sneaking away for moments of quiet reflection, and I heard that sound. You know the one where you kind of hear them breathe kind of hard because they give a little push....By this time I'd had the battery charging for a little while. I seized my oppurtunity. I grabbed the DVD player and put in Baby Beethoven (his current absolute fave!). Very excitedly, I said, "Hey you wanna go sit on the potty and watch Baby BEETHOVEN!!!!" (Note: I did not scream it at him the caps are only to emphasize that I pretty much mumbled the rest of the sentence and said Beethoven with a flourish.) Beethoven? He said. Oh yes, let's go sit on the potty! Here he was...

You see? Happily sitting on the potty. Surely the poo was going to plop right out, right? Um.....after sitting a while, Jack had an idea. IRISH! Sure who doesn't need his faithful bestest ever friend to sit by while having a poop on the potty?

So Jack watched the DVD and spun Irish on his lap and listened to me say things like "Poo poo belongs in the potty" and "Poo poo likes to splash and swim in the potty (yes I said it and yes I already regret it because I'm wondering if Jack will try to splash and swim in the potty and have fun like I told him the poo poo has)" and "errr, errr go ahead and push out that poo poo err, err" for 20 something minutes before declaring, "All done."

Alright Poo Poo you have eluded me this time but this won't go on forever.

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Rachel said...

I love that I'm not the only Poo Blogger around after all!! Best of luck!